Type: Biometric Reader

Model: Bioin Prox

Brand Name: XPR




Biometry and Proximity combined in one reader BIOIN PROX is the newest reader in our product range that combines both biometrical and proximity features. With BIOIN PROX you have the unique option to enjoy the fingerprint and proximity operations clustered in one and the same reader.


  • Flush Mount fingerprint reader with integrated proximity
  • Authentication: Fingerprint or Proximity Cards, Tags and Fobs
  • Storage capacity: 9500 Fingerprints Recognition and matching time: <1sec
  • 1 Free tension LED (Central Alarm)


  • Configuring the system and Fingerprint enrollment done through PC, locally or remotely
  • Adjustable Wiegand protocol (1 to 128-bit) is utilized in the biometry reader which makes it compatible with controllers with Wiegand interface
  • Wiegand Protocol adjustment done through PC
  • Sound level adjustment through PC
  • Separate BioManager Software available free when used with third party controllers
  • Fingerprints stored in the reader and backup copy kept in the software
  • Power Supply: 12Vdc
  • Consumption: 200 mA max.
  • Weight: 500g


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