Type: Door Controller


Brand Name: XPR




2 Door Access Control Unit Powerful: up to 15.000 users per controller, unlimited per systems. Up to 30.000 Events per controller, unlimited per systems. Upgradeable: unlimited controllers per system. Firmware update trough PROS Software. Flexible: Programmable (Bitwise) Wiegand Interface (26bit to l28bit). Configurable Free Outputs, Free Inputs, Door sensors.


  • 2 doors networkable access control unit.
  • Distributed intelligence. EWS units will function even if the communication is not present.
  • Failure of one EWS unit will not influence the other Units.
  • One RS485 communication bus per system.
  • Fingerprint readers management from PROS via the RS485 bus.
  • TCP/IP built in EWSI.
  • Programmable (Bitwise) Wiegand Interface (26bit to 128bit).
  • Configurable Free inputs, Free Outputs, Door Sensors.
  • Anti-passback, Timed Anti-passback, Mantrap.


  • Light graphic Interface
  • User-Friendly windows Interface for simple programming, management and control of installations
  • Unlimited number of Users Unlimited number of Access Levels
  • Integrated fingerprint feature
  • Enrollment can be done from any reader in the network, or from BioE (Dekstop enrolment unit)
  • Activation of several relays from one reader Remote Relays activation
  • 24 Time zones
  • 32 Holidays
  • Event viewer
  • Customized reports with filter for: Time, User, Department, Reader or Door.
  • Free software
  • Time & attendance (PROS Only)


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