Type: Fire Suppression for Ecology

Model: Firet Ecology

Brand Name: Firet

Origin: Italy




  • Automatic: no human intervention necessary, fire extinguisher system designed for closed compartments with automatic pre-set temperature activation Sturdy: the exceptionally resistant valve and nozzle in aluminum alloy for installation even in the most extreme environments . FIRET Ecology holds up for a minimum of 6 years and does not require maintenance Unique: there are no other automatic extinguishers on the market that are as compact as FIRET Ecology with the same extinguishing power. The high pressure filling allows for a smaller container. Installation is simple and can be done without the help of technician Ecological: the nitrogen extinguishing agent, an inert gas naturally present in the air works by reducing the percentage of oxygen and therefore diminishing the comburent without causing damage to objects in the environment Trustworthy : tests have successfully proved that FIRET Ecology extinguishes a variety of different types of fires in closed areas including solid


  • Wastes Containers manufacturers experiences have already confirmed that there are no failure with FIRET Ecology and that it is the best solution to prevent damages to all equipment and surrounding environments . All FIRET Ecology devices are CE approved and certificated. By combining materials, components and accessories , it is possible to develop and quickly manufacturing the production of new model in various sizes and version according to customer needs.


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