Type: Multi-voice Alarm & Recorder Panel

Model: T-6223(A)

Brand Name: ITC

Origin: China



The T-6223(A) is a multi-voice alarm controller suitable for high capacity zone system.It includes 30 zone fire alarm interfaces, alarm matrix and voice message player, it can broadcast 3 voice messages as alert, EVAC and clear to help people been safely evacuated. The alarm modes can be all zones, different voice alarm in separate zone, group zones and neighboring zones. The SD card slot on rear panel is used to read SD memory card, where different voice message files could be downloaded. The file name and zone number are automatically matching with each other. The voice alarm system could be expanded to 300 zones, its dipswitch as ID address could be easily distinguished by the controller. The dual RCA audio output is provided to link to other fire alarm equipments. 2 RJ45 communication ports is used cascade another unit or controller. Front panel’s LED is used to display the ID address. Each 30 zones’ select buttons and state indicators are on the front panel. An overall volume control is provided. The zone number and voice message number are automatically accordingly matched.


  • Multi voice alarm controller
  • Built-in alarm interface, alarm matrix and message generator
  • All zones, group zones, neighboring zones and separate zone alarm modes one each units and expandable to 300 zones
  • 4G SD memory card to download voice alarm message


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