Fire Door Servicing

Fire Door Servicing

Fire door servicing is the process of inspecting, testing, and maintaining fire doors to ensure they are in proper working condition. Fire doors are an essential component of a building’s fire safety system, as they are designed to contain the spread of fire and smoke and provide a safe escape route for occupants in case of a fire emergency.

During fire door servicing, a trained technician will inspect and test all components of the door, including the door frame, hinges, latches, and seals. The technician will also ensure that the door closes properly and that any gaps or openings are sealed to prevent the spread of smoke and fire.

Regular fire door servicing is essential to ensure that fire doors will perform their intended function in case of an emergency. It is typically recommended that fire doors be serviced at least once a year, although the frequency of service may depend on factors such as the age of the doors, the number of occupants in the building, and local regulations.

In addition to regular servicing, building owners and managers should also ensure that fire doors are kept clear of obstructions and that occupants are instructed to keep them always closed. Any damage to fire doors, such as cracks or broken seals, should be repaired promptly to ensure the integrity of the door is not compromised.