Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Automatic fire detection systems, when combined with other elements of an emergency response and evacuation plan, can significantly reduce property damage, personal injuries, and loss of life from fire in the workplace. Their main function is to quickly identify a developing fire and alert occupants and emergency response personnel before extensive damage occurs. Automatic fire detector may also have a direct connection to an alarm monitoring centre and control panel to networking interface with BMS.

Fire alarm specialty equipment, such as sampling systems, fiber-optic systems, digital linear heat detection, flame detectors and optical beam smoke detectors, can be used in premises not suitable for ordinary fire detectors. Read more about fire alarm specialty equipment.

Advantages of Fire Detection & Alarm Systems:

  • An Early Warning Benefit, Low Cost and Opportunity to Place the Device in Chosen Locations.
  • Smoke & Heat detectors are best in areas where early detection and warning of a fire is critical to the preservation of life.
  • Fire Pump, Elevator, Sprinkler, Flow & Tamper Switch can be connected with Fire Alarm for save life.

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