Type: 15W Wall Mount Speaker

Model: T-774W

Brand Name: ITC

Origin: China




The T-774W is a wall mount speaker built-in 70v/100v transformer. The 70v/100v transformer technique reduces line losses on longer distance and allows easy parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers. The built-in 4”+1.5” two ways speaker driver is designed of wide frequency response 120-15kHz, the RMS 15 watts power outputs are suitable for most of the applications. The metal grille, ABS enclosure and stainless mounting bracket are of white color. Easy and secure wall mount installation through the supplied mounting bracket. It is ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications in hotel, school, office and factory where background music and paging is needed.


  • Built-in 100v/70v transformer
  • Wall mount type loudspeaker
  • 4” +1.5” two ways speaker unit
  • RMS 15W @100V
  • Metal grille, ABS enclosure and stainless mounting bracket


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