Type: Biometric Reader

Model: BioXr

Brand Name: XPR




All Metal Network Biometry Reader with Wiegand Output Ideal replacement or add on to proximity and keypads readers


  • Surface Mount Fingerprint Reader ideal for outdoor and indoor use
  • Authentication: Fingerprint, Fingerprint or PIN code, Fingerprint and PIN Code
  • Storage capacity: 9500 Users with fingerprint and 2000 with PIN Code (1 to 8 digits)
  • All Metal; IP65 rating; Resin potted electronics
  • Identification time < 1 sec
  • 1 free tension LED
  • Metal housing in various colours


  • Configurable PIN Code length 1-8 digits
  • Configuring the system and Fingerprint enrollment is done through PC, locally or remotely
  • Enrolment can be also done from Desktop Reader BioE
  • Adjustable Wiegand protocol (1 to 128-bit) is utilized in the biometry reader which makes it compatible with controllers with Wiegand interface
  • Buzzer sound level adjustment through PC
  • Wiegand Protocol adjustment done through PC
  • Connection to PC done through converters: CNV100, CNV200, CNV300
  • Separate BioManager Software available free when used with third party controllers
  • Fingerprints and PIN Codes stored in the reader and backup copy kept in the software
  • Power Supply: 12Vdc
  • Consumption: 150mA max.
  • Weight: 750g


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